Jun 13, 2011

Become a Personal Trainer in 6 Simple Steps. Are you a fitness junkie? Do you like to be in the best of shape and devour the fitness tips provided in the regular health columns of your favourite magazine? Do you also see yourself taking a lot of interest in busting the fitness myths abounding in the social circle you mix in and a genuine interest in helping others increase their levels of fitness? If the answer to the questions posed above is yes, why don’t you try teaching how to be fit to others and take up the job of a personal trainer?

A majority of health-conscious people are in the constant lookout for a personal trainer as it is impossible to adopt and stick to healthy lifestyle choices and the right exercise regime without the able guidance of a personaltrainer.

Here are few simple steps that can help you become a successful personal trainer.

Step 1
Gauge your capabilities
Besides having a passion for fitness, it is essential that you have several other skills as well. It is essential that you posses social skills. A personal trainer has to constantly interact with clients, motivating them to keep up with the weight loss program. The role of a trainer is not confined to make people exercise in the right manner alone. He/she has to keep a tab on the dietary habits of the clientas well.

Step 2
Professional certification
Get in touch with a reputed organization that specializes in offering professional courses in this field. Make note of the accreditation that the organization offers and how recognized it is at the national level. You can avail personal training courses online as well. In addition you are also required to have certifications in CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), AED (automated external defibrillator) to become a full fledged professional in this field.

Step 3
Though some professional courses are mandatory to become a fitness trainer, you can also opt for some additional certifications to create your own niche and add up to your skills. Having a specialized knowledge in this field gives you an edge over the competitors. Specialization also offers the benefits of working with people who are suffering from disabilities.

Step 4
Look for a job
With all the necessary qualifications at your side, it is time to put it to use and start working as a personal trainer. You can get in touch with nearby gym clubs and apply for the job of a personal trainer. It is suggested to work with a renowned gym as it gives you ample scope for growth and also helps develop your skill set further.

Step 5
Work independently
Once you gain ample experience you can consider working independently as well. You can start your own commercial gym too. However, for this you need to market yourself well. Try to expand your client base. Adopt marketing strategies like newsletters, seminars, consultations to attract more and more potential clients.

Step 6
Expand work profile
Establishing yourself as a professional personal trainer is not the end goal. Try to keep enhancing your skill set in terms of learning new things about the field. This can help you drive out competition. Beside you can use the profession as a platform to venture out into related fields like writing, coaching and many more.

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