Jun 13, 2011

15 Mistake When You Are Lose Weight.

NO.1, want to exercise immediate effect

Experts pointed out: Exercise at least a month to see the effects, such as muscles, and weight loss. Thus it is important to adhere to. To achieve the goal, we must develop appropriate plans and have enough patience.

NO.2, ignore the assessment of the status of their own bodies

You own the more detailed understanding of the physical condition, you develop a fitness program may be more suitable for you. You know your body fat index and heart rate it? If you do not know, then up your fitness coach for you to be a test, then the test results for their own fitness program to adjust.

NO.3, not to determine fitness goals

Expected to set a value on the implementation of the fitness program you have an immeasurable effect. Because assessment of the challenges and help you adhere to in the end the scheme, expected in the results will always inspire the good you do not give up easily. Develop a plan, such as lost 5 kg within a month, or waist circumference reduction of 2 cm, in the exercise when it is always in mind, you will be more motivated.

NO.4, focus on aerobic exercise, strength training neglect

In achieving the target weight loss, strength training and aerobic exercise as important. Strength training help build muscle mass, the lean muscle mass consumption of calories a day is much higher than fat. So if your body to increase the number of muscle groups, even if you just rest, the heat consumption will increase accordingly. Such asaerobic exercise and strength training can combine the two, you will get better results.

NO.5, guiding fitness videos too difficult

Many people think that the difficulty of movement, the greater the intensity, the better, it is not. Difficult steps of training, such as fast, for the novice, not only will you have a strong sense of frustration, but also may lead to you in motion injuries. Remember, training at home, not a coach in the classroom at any time to correct your actions, so be sure to pay attention to whether the level of sports skills video with your level of match.

NO.6, fat and shy away from that exercise in public

University of Michigan survey showed that many had never been to the gym was surprised and pleased to find that women, the women who shape the gym is not much stronger than they. Courage to go out and be your first step to success in body contouring and slimming.

NO.7, afraid to grow too strong for strength training

In fact, do not worry. The same as men, because women do not secrete large amounts of testosterone, so strength training will make women become like a man as strong. Strength training will only make your body fit and increase the level of metabolism.

NO.8, before access to the ideal body shape should not be taken lightly

No one can have a perfect body, because the “perfect” is a non-existent standards. To change the things that you can change such as stretching your muscles, your body full of vitality, so as to improve your body shape. You can for their long legs, slim waist and sexy shoulders and proud without having to because your body can not, as some models like the thin and sad.

NO.9, in order to measure the physical effect of sweat

Although sweating is a healthy performance, but perspiration is not sufficient as the measure of exercise intensity. Your heart rate, exertion is a more important measure.

NO.10, spend 30 minutes exercising abdominal muscles

Do you have wasted about 28 minutes. In fact, you only need to spend 1 to 2 minutes to exercise your abdominal trace the rest of the time you can use to do other sports.

NO.11, in order to judge the fitness effect of numerical changes

Drop in body weight is an exciting thing indeed, but this does not really describe the problem. Because weight loss, your body can not reflect the relationship between muscle and fat. Muscle volume accounted for less than fat, so you may well look thin, body fat reduction, but the weight has increased. Numbers do not tell everything.

NO.12, indoor sports with a hat

Movement, a lot of heat is distributed through your head, wear a hat will prevent movement of the cooling process.

NO.13, ordinary wear lace bras and even exercise

If you do not exercise proper care of bras to the chest, the chest is likely to cause premature sagging. Breast shape with a small or medium compact women wear bras just can alleviate the impact of exercise on the chest, but the chest full of women compared with the specific needs of rugged sports bra care chest.

NO.14, like to compare with others

That “she is more effective than I,” which is unfounded. Because you do not know her physical condition, how do you know her previous Olympic Games players is not it? Do not think about others, focus on their plan, consistent with their level of development goals, is what you need to do most. Because you reduce your weight, but not others.

NO.15, ignore the body’s signals

Lead to physical pain and fatigue for many reasons, possibly because of injury or illness, it could be lack of sleep. Understand the reasons for a rest after adjustments, and pay attention to change your fitness program, part of the body weak and get enough rest. Attention to the body’s signals and use them to guide your campaign in order to truly exercise your body.

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